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Why An Uncontested Divorce Attorney is Still Important During Amicable Split

Couples can dissolve their marriage in an amicable, less expensive and faster way by choosing an uncontested divorce. If you and your spouse have the ability to cooperate on all the issues including property distribution, alimony, child custody and child support, a New York uncontested divorce has significant benefits.

In uncontested divorce you do the initial work before filing, and present a signed divorce settlement agreement to the court. If everything is in order the court approves the agreement and your divorce is finalized. One of the benefits of the uncontested divorce is it is much less expensive than a contested divorce. Additionally the process is less acrimonious, and is better for children than a bitterly contested divorce.

The settlement agreement determines the future of your children and your finances. Therefore it should be done with the aid of an experienced Queens County divorce attorney.

Two things are essential for uncontested divorce to be successful – you and your spouse must be able to work cooperatively to reach an agreement, and your attorney must be skilled at negotiating the complexities of a divorce.

We understand the adverse effects of a long and drawn-out divorce legal battle on you and your children. Uncontested divorce is a amicable, affordable alternative. With over 28 years of experience David L. Martin, Esq. has the ability to manage settlement negotiations to obtain a fair resolution to your uncontested divorce.

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